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Descriptions of major items in the UNT Libraries Government Documents Map Collection; links to selected map collections on the Internet.

About Soil Surveys

Soil surveys provide very specific information on the extent and distribution of various soil types within the area, as well as information on slope, drainage, climate, wildlife habitat, and possibilities for land use. Soil surveys are used by farmers, real estate agents, land use planners, engineers and others who desire information about the soil resource. The published USDA soil surveys include aerial photos of the county with soil types indicated by outlines.

How to Use a Soil Survey from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service provides basic information about utilizing a soil survey. It can be read online or viewed as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Soil Surveys at the UNT Libraries

The UNT Libraries' Government Documents Department has an extensive collection of soil surveys from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Most of these cover a single county; there is not yet a soil survey for every county in the United States, but they do cover a large portion of the United States.

Most of UNT's soil surveys can be checked out of the library. A few very old or very popular ones have been put on reserve.

To identify Texas soil surveys and their locations in the UNT Government Documents Department, enter a keyword search in the format "[county name] texas soil survey" (without quotation marks) in the UNT Library Catalog.

For example:

denton texas soil survey

Soil Survey Data Available Online

Some soil survey data is available online from the NRCS Soils Web site.

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