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SciTech Standards on Demand: FOR LIBRARY STAFF USE ONLY - Requesting a standard

This guide provides information on library policies regarding standards, what standards are, how to find standards, and about our SciTech Standards on Demand program for requesting the purchase of standards.

FOR LIBRARY STAFF USE ONLY - Requesting a standard

When a standard is not available directly through the library or freely available a request can be made to purchase a print version of the standard for student learning or faculty research. To ensure the standard is purchased and processed as quickly as possible the information below should be given to the appropriate library personnel. If you have questions regarding the information needed or the process to request standards, please contact Jennifer Sterling

Information needed to make a request

To ensure the correct standard is ordered in a timely fashion the following information is required:

  • Name of the issuing organization
    • e.g. ISO, NIST, ASME, ASTM, etc.
  • Designator or standard number
    • e.g. QAI-1-2016, C418-12, HST-6-2015 or similar
  • Title of the Standard
    • e.g. Performance Standard for Overhead Electric Wire Rope Hoists, Security Requirements for Crytographic Modules, Demand Driven Storm Water Diversion Systems, etc.
  • Year of publication
    • This should be the most recent version as historical versions are typically out of the scope of our collection policy
  • If possible, a link or URL to the webpage to purchase a print version of the standard
  • Purpose of the request or connection to the curriculum or UNT research
  • The name of the person making the request, their affiliation with UNT (e.g. professor, graduate student, librarian, etc.) a method of contact for the requestor, and the library pick up location the item should be sent when it is ready

FOR LIBRARY STAFF USE ONLY - Making the request

► First, make sure the standard is not already available through a library resource (See Tab 'Library Resources for Standards') or freely available online (See Tab 'Freely Available Standards'). If it is not available through these then gather the required information. 

► Requests for standards can be made in several ways. Make sure all of the required information is available then -

  • Contact a subject librarian
  • Send a request with all of the necessary information from a UNT email address to
  • If you have questions please contact Jennifer Sterling

Include in the subject line "STANDARDS" and mark the email as High Importance (!)

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