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SciTech Standards on Demand: Library Resources for Standards

This guide provides information on library policies regarding standards, what standards are, how to find standards, and about our SciTech Standards on Demand program for requesting the purchase of standards.

Library Resources with Standards

While the library does not necessarily subscribe to or own all available standards there are several resources that provide access to standards. The databases can be searched for several types of standards. Print standards can also be searched for through the library catalog.


The Library does subscribe to some resources that make certain standards available. Clicking on the links below will lead to the resources where you can search for standards. 

Searching for print standards

Print standards can be found through the library catalog. Using the advanced searching feature of the library catalog you can search by keyword, publisher, title, or many other variations. Using quotation marks (" ") around the search term will return an exact match to that phrase. See some search examples below.

The issuing organization may also be listed as an author. See catalog search examples below.

Searching the catalog can also involve searching for the title of the standard. See catalog search examples below.

Additional Links