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BIOL 4054/5054 and PHIL 4054/6781: Tracing Darwin's Path

Readings - books and articles - for the students of Tracing Darwin's Path

Required Readings

Contador et al. 2015a. Sharp altitudinal gradients in Magellanic sub-Antarctic streams: Patterns along a fluvial system in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve. Polar Biology 38: 1853 - 1866. 

Contador, T., S. Rosenfeld, J. Ojeda & J. Kennedy. 2015b. Historia natural de los invertebrados acuáticos del Cabo de Hornos. Fundación Omora, Ed. Universidad de Magallanes. Download the publication at ResearchGate.

Darwin, C. 1838. Tierra del Fuego. Pp. 204-231. In The Voyage of the Beagle. Reprint, London: Everyman’s Library, 1975

Elphick et al. 2014. Seasonal dynamics of the Sub-Antarctic bird community in different habitat of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve. See Introduction to Section 3, pp. 185-187. In Rozzi, R and Jimenez, J. (eds.), Magellanic Sub-Antarctic Ornithology, First Decade of Bird Studies at Omora Ethnobotanical Park: Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve. UNT Press-Ediciones Universidad de Magallanes, Denton TX, USA - Punta Arenas, Chile. Navigate to the assigned pages and print/save them. 

Hynes, H.B.N. 1975. The stream and its valley. Edgardo Baldi Memorial Lecture. Verhandlungen des Internationalen Verein Limnologie 19: 1-15. See the UMAG site for this article.

Ippi et al. 2009. Annual variation of abundance and composition in forest bird assemblages on Navarino Island, Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile. Ornitologia Neotropical 20: 231-245.

Leopold, A. 1949. Forward (pp. vii-ix), 65290 (pp.87-92), Thinking Like a Mountain (pp. 129-133) and The Land Ethic (pp. 201-226). In A Sand County almanac and sketches here and there. Link directly to the book here. Navigate to the assigned pages and print/save them.

Miller et al. 2014. The human dimensions of dog-wildlife interactions. Pp. 286-303. In Free-ranging dogs and wildlife conservation. M.E. Gompper (Ed.). Oxford University Press, Reino Unido. Navigate to the assigned pages and print/save them.

Ralph, C.J. 2005. The body grasp technique: A rapid method of removing birds from mist nest. North American Bird Bander, Apr.-Jun.: 65-70. 

Rozzi et al. 2008a. Field Environmental Philosophy and Biocultural Conservation: The Omora Ethnobotanical Park Educational Program. Environmental Ethics 30: 325-336. 

Rozzi et al. 2010b. Field environmental philosophy and biocultural conservation at the Omora Ethnobotanical Park: Methodological approaches to broaden the ways of integrating the social component (“S”) in Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER) Sites. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 83: SM19-SM28 (27-68). 

Steinbeck and Ricketts. 1941. Sea of Cortez: A leisurely journal of travel and research. Chapters 4 and 21. Link to the ebook here. Only one user at a time can access this book. If you are turned away, try again later. Do not download the book; instead navigate to a chapter in the Table of Contents and save or print it.

Sutherland, W.J. 2003. Parallel extinction risk and global distribution of languages and species. Nature 423: 276-279.

Vannote et al. 1980. The river continuum concept. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 37: 130-137. See the UMAG site for this article.

White, L., Jr. 1967. The historical roots of our ecological crisis. Science 155: 1203-1207. 

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