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BIOL 4054/5054 and PHIL 4054/6781: Tracing Darwin's Path: Welcome!

Readings - books and articles - for the students of Tracing Darwin's Path

Welcome and Introductory Documents

Welcome to the course guide for BIOL 4054/5054 and PHIL 4054/6781: Tracing Darwin's Path! I'm the subject librarian for the Biological Sciences Department and your library contact for this course. The following pages contain links to books and articles you are required to read for the course. Feel free to contact me at any time with your questions at I'm also happy to meet with you for library assistance before you leave for Chile or when you return.

Below are the course syllabus and other documents for your course. Please take a look at them soon, so you'll be well-prepared for your Magellanic adventure.

Best to all!



Photos from Previous Years

Mistnetting at Robalo Lake, Jan. 6, 2014                         Campephilus Omora, Mar. 18, 2012


Navarino, Jan. 15, 2014                                                   Flight to Port Williams, Dec. 13, 2012



Campephilusmagellanicus guerrico, Jan. 23, 2013

The photos above were all taken by Dr. Jaime Jimenez.

Subject Librarian

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Erin O'Toole
Willis Library, Room 080

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