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BIOL 4054/5054 and PHIL 4054/6781: Tracing Darwin's Path

Readings - books and articles - for the students of Tracing Darwin's Path

Required Books - All Online

How to Use ProQuest eBook Central Books

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the book's title using the Books and More search on the library's homepage
  2. Click on "Connect to Online Resource" about mid-screen.
  3. Watch the videos below to learn how to use the eBook Central Reader, download sections of books, and save annotations in your Bookshelf.

At UNT, you will be prompted to check out a book when you request to print, download, etc. if we have multiple copies. Go ahead and do the one day checkout; other students will still be able to use the book.

When the library has only one or limited copies of a book, then you won't be allowed to check out the book. However, you'll still be able to download or print sections of the book.


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