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CHEM 3451 Quantitative Analysis

Resources to use for the Literature Search Report (bonus assignment) in CHEM 3451.

Scifinder-n: The New Version of Scifinder

Scifinder-n is the top database in chemistry for finding literature and substances. It includes the content from Scifinder Scholar - literature, substances, reactions, and suppliers - and new sections - MethodsNow Synthesis, Retrosynthesis Planner, and PatentPak. Give it a try to see how much chemical information you can locate in one place. Both Scifinder-n and Scifinder Scholar will be available through December 31, 2020; after that, Scfinder Scholar will be discontinued.

Already have a Scifinder Scholar account? Then you're ready to log into your Scifinder-n account. Simply follow the instructions in the box below.

Never used a Scifinder database? Then you'll need to register for an account first. Please follow the instructions in the box below.

Use Your Scifinder Scholar Authentication to Enter Scifinder-n

If you have a Scifinder Scholar account, then Scifinder-n already has an account waiting for you. Follow these steps to login:

  1. Go to the library's homepage at
  2. Select the Databases search tab and search for [scifinder-n]
  3. Click on the link, Connect to Scifinder-n. Note: if you are off-campus, you'll be asked to enter your EUID and password at this point.
  4. Enter your username and password from your old Scifinder Scholar account. 
  5. Begin your search!

Register for a Scifinder-n Account

You must register for a Scifinder-n account before using the database for the first time. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Complete the registration form using your email address for a UNT student ( or employee (
  3. Respond to the validation email you will receive from Scifinder-n and start using your account.
  4. To enter Scifinder-n in the future, go to the Start Your Research section of the library homepage. Click on the Databases tab, type in and select Scifinder-n, and then log into Scifinder-n with your username and password. Note: If you're off-campus, you'll be prompted to enter your EUID and password before logging into Scifinder-n.

Suggested Search Terms for SciFinder-n

In your class, we talked about how to find articles in Scifinder-n about chemical contaminants in drinking water and methods for assessing the level of contaminants in water. These are suggested phrases to use when searching for these topics:

  • [chemical name] contamination of drinking water
  • method for analysis of [chemical name] in drinking water
  • method for assessment of [chemical name] in drinking water

Once you have used one of these searches, you can further refine the search by:

  • using synonyms for the keywords above, e.g., synonyms for drinking water are potable water and tap water. You can search for all synonyms at once by using parentheses in your search - method for analysis (assessment, screening) of DDT in drinking water.
  • adding keywords from the phrases above
  • restricting the publication years

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