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Hearing Health for Musicians

Here, you can find resources to help musicians to care for their ears to protect their hearing now and in the future.

Finding Articles

Although few books have been written about listening health for musicians, much research has in fact taken place, and many articles have been written about it. The library subscribes to a number of article databases which are appropriate for research.

Article Databases

Our major article databases for music are a good place to start. Our provider for both of them is EbscoHost. When you access any Ebsco database, you can add any of its other ones to your search:

However, the sources for finding the largest number of articles are our medical databases:

In each of these databases, you can enter specific terms to search for precisely what you need.

Google Scholar

Google offers a special service called Google Scholar:

You can use it to search for scholarly articles on any subject. Due to copyright constraints, full text is not usually available. However, if you see something you need, you can then check our online catalog to see if we have it:

It is also possible to connect Google Scholar to the library's online catalog to determine if UNT Library's has access to an article! Learn how to do this through by watching this Library Hacks: Google Scholar video.

Interlibrary Loan

If you find articles you need that we do not have, you can request them through interlibrary loan. Our Interlibrary Loan department can usually get someone who has them to scan and send them. The turnaround for this service is usually very quick. 


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