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BUSI 1200: Professional Development I - Strategies for Business

This guide provides information and links to resources to help you complete course assignments.

How do I find company information?

The easiest way to find reliable company information is by searching library databases that focus on this kind of information, such as:

  • Business Insights
  • Mergent Intellect
  • Nexis Uni, and
  • Value Line (public companies only)

If a company is very small and private, you probably won't find a lot of information on it. But if the company is large and public, you'll find plenty!

How do I search for company profiles in library databases?

To find a company profile, use the search bar to enter the name and click "Search." Make sure "Company" is selected as the search type.

Video tutorial: Business Insights Basics

To find a company profile, use the search bar to enter the company name and select it from the drop-down list options.

To find a company profile, click on the "Menu" drop-down list and choose "Company Dossier," then enter the company name in the search bar.

To find a public company profile, use the "Quote" box (not the "Search" box) to enter the company name or ticker symbol.

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