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Government Information Connection @ Sycamore Library

UNT Libraries’ Government Information Connection provides assistance and guidance in finding governmental, business, geographic, or legal information.

Selections from the Digital Collections

USDA leaflet

Child's self-help overall

USDA Bulletin from the Government Documents A to Z Project

document about algae

Algae in Water Supplies: An Illustrated Manual on the Identification, Significance, and Control of Algae in Water Supplies

a most requested publication from the Government Documents Digital Library collections

denton topographic map

Denton West Quadrangle

topographic map of the Denton West Quadrangle published in 1960

texas patent image for model display stand

Model Display Stand

from the Texas Patent collection

map of portion of the mississippi river

Mississippi River From Memphis to Vicksburg

a  map of the Mississippi River from Vicksburg to Memphis from the War of the Rebellion

image of the echo newspaper

The ECHO, Volume 87, Number 9, November 2015

The ECHO is a monthly newspaper produced for and by the inmates in the Texas criminal justice system containing news stories, policy updates, opinion pieces, creative works, and other information.

Government Information Connection Digital Collections

The Government Information Connection / UNT Government Documents Department serves as an official content partner for the UNT Digital Library and Portal to Texas History. To date, across the two platforms, we host nearly 600,000 items that tell the story of the U.S. and the state of Texas, their residents, and their science and industries through government documents and related publications. 

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