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Government Information Connection @ Sycamore Library

UNT Libraries’ Government Information Connection provides assistance and guidance in finding governmental, business, geographic, or legal information.

Partnerships with the Government Publishing Office (GPO)

UNT as a Preservation Steward

preservation steward emblem with stacked booksAs a Preservation Steward, UNT is committed to retaining tangible depository resources and has taken on the additional responsibilities for preserving these materials, which may includes both preventive maintenance and conservation treatments.

The UNT Libraries became a Preservation Steward of U.S. Government Publications in 2020 for the following print collections:

  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set: 1817 to present
  • American State Papers 1789 to 1817
  • Code of Federal Regulations: 1938 to present
  • Monthly Catalog: 1895-2004
  • Indian Reading Series: ED 1.319: 106 items-1977-1982
  • Bureau of American Ethnology: Annual Reports : Sl 2.1: 1880-1931
  • Bureau of American Ethnology: Bulletins : Sl 2.3:no.: 183 items ~1887-1967
  • Handbook of Federal Indian Law (Cohen) : I 48.6:IN 2/4TH PRINT: 1945
  • The Territorial papers of the United States (S 1.36:no.): 1934
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1878-2012
  • Farmer's Bulletins : A 1.9: over 1800 items ~1897-1997 
  • War/Military Manuals : W 1.35: 583 items -1940-1947
  • Government Comics : miscellaneous SuDocs ~1940s-present
  • Government Coloring Books : miscellanCollections the UNT Libraries eous SuDocs ~1940s-present
  • Government Cookbooks : miscellaneous SuDocs ~1940s-present
  • World Language Guides, Dictionaries, and Phrase Books : miscellaneous SuDocs ~1940s-present 
  • Federal Civil Defense Administration publications: FCD - maybe as few as 16 items ~1950-1958 

UNT as Digital Preservation Steward Partner

Since the early 2000s, UNT has been a leader in preserving born digital government information (Cyber Cemetery and CRS Reports) as well as creating digital surrogates for tangible materials. UNT is recognized by the GPO as a Digital Preservation Steward for our extensive digital collections

Learn more about GPO Partnerships.

UNT as a NARA Affiliated Archive

UNT Libraries is an Affiliated Archive of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). UNT serves as an official partner with NARA on the CyberCemetery. Additionally, UNT's Digital Library Division partners with NARA, the Internet Archive, GPO, the Library of Congress on the End of Term web archive, which captures the government web at the end of each Presidential term. 

Learn more about NARA's Affiliated Archive program through Prologue, NARA's monthly publication. 

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