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Art Sources for the Identification and Valuation of Fine and Decorative Art

A guide of Art Sources for the Identification and Valuation of Fine and Decorative Art for the art.

Artist's Signatures and Monograms: UNT Libraries Subscription Databases

Artist's Signatures and Monograms - Online

Artist's Signatures and Monograms: Books

Artist's Signatures and Monograms

These books contain visual examples of artist's signatures or monograms used to sign works of art. Most of these signatures are of painters, sculptors and printmakers. For the signature or mark of an artist or manufacturer found on a decorative work of art, consult the section in this guide dealing with that particular medium.
*Click on the title of the book to find the library location and the call number.

Dictionary of Artists (Benezit) 14 vols.
Dictionary of Signatures & Monograms of American Artists: From the Colonial Period to the Mid-20th Century
Marks and Monograms of the Modern Movement,1875-1930
Die Monogrammisten (Nagler) 5 vols.
Includes painters, sculptors, lithographers, engravers, gold and silversmiths and ceramists. Includes references to the prints of the Illustrated Bartsch.
European artists III: signatures and monograms from 1800: a directory
Abstract artists: signatures and monograms, an international directory
Artists' monograms and indiscernible signatures II: an international directory from 1800
Old Masters: signatures and monograms, 1400-born 1800
Latin American artists' signatures and monograms: colonial era to 1996

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