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Video Game Music and Sound Design

A guide on accessing video game music resources and getting started with ludomusicology research.


Video game music? What is ludomusicology?

For many, it can be difficult to find a topic that is both interesting and modern when researching for music history or musicology-based classes. Although searching for the perfect topic can be difficult, one may want to step into the world of ludomusicology, or the academic study of video game music and music that accompanies kinds of play, including but not limited to childhood games and tabletop games. Ludomusicology is a cutting-edge musicological field of research but do not let that intimidate you! There have been several seminal books and articles that are at your fingertips at the UNT Music Library and in the databases provided by UNT Libraries. This LibGuide contains links to various ludomusicology organizations, books, journals, audio recordings, and resources on how to promote ludomusicological research in libraries and preservation methods for these materials.

So, if you like video games and video game music, grab your favorite video game music soundtrack and some resources from the UNT Music Library, and you’ll be on your way to starting an exciting ludomusicology-focused research project.

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