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Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide contains information on finding and evaluating open educational resources (OER), including open textbooks and open teaching tools.

Searching with Creative Commons

You can search all items with a Creative Commons License by going to the Creative Commons website or using the search box below. Select whether you would like to be able to use the resource for commercial purposes. Select whether you would like to be able to modify, adapt, or build upon the resource. Then select where you would like to complete the search. This will be through Google, Flickr, YouTube, or other search engines. 

Enter your search query:

use for commercial purposes;
modify, adapt, or build upon.

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Open Courses

Free courses are also available from many institutions. A brief list is below. 

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Finding OER

Besides open textbooks, there are many resources available that provide access to other educational resources, including syllabi, assignments, tests & quizzes, tutorials, webinars, podcasts, software, and other materials.

Below are a few examples, but this is not a complete list.


Open Eduactional Resources (OER) Canvas Screen Shot

Open Educational Resources

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