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Increase Your Scholarly Impact

A self-service guide to help you increase your scholarly impact, provided by the Libraries' Scholarly Impact Service (SIS).

UNT Scholarly Works

The Scholarly Works Collection is home to materials from the University of North Texas comunity's research, creative, and scholarly activities.  It serves as UNT's Open Access Repository.  This collection brings together articles, papers, artwork, music, research data, reports, presentations, and other items representing the expertise in our university community.

UNT Scholarly Works aims to:

  • Provide easy access to valuable scholarly and creative materials from the UNT community
  • Promote discovery through effective search and navigation tools
  • Secure long-term access through stewardship and preservation
  • Ensure sustainability through continuing system improvements
  • Showcase UNT's research and creative achievements to a worldwide audience

You can explore the UNT Scholarly Works Collection using the Partner filter to see works by college, as well as the Department filter to see works by a specific department or research group.

Submitting Items to the Institutional Repository

To submit individual items for the UNT Scholarly Works Collection, email with the following information:

  • Author name(s)
  • Title
  • Date
  • Source (name of publication/conference)
  • Any known licensing information

To submit your entire body of work, email with an updated copy of your CV to be reviewed for items eligible for submission.  After checking with publishers for copyright permissions, you'll receive a link to each item made available in the collection, and which items may require more information from you for deposit.

Newly Added Items in UNT Scholarly Works

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