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Increase Your Scholarly Impact

A self-service guide to help you increase your scholarly impact, provided by the Libraries' Scholarly Impact Service (SIS).

Presentation Metrics Defined

While there is not a standard recognizable metric for presentations, you can use the following information to describe its impact.

  • Prestige of the conference hosts: Is it sponsored by a prominent organization in your field?
  • Attendance: Is it attended by international, national, or regional scholars in your field?
  • Number of presentation attendees: Did your personal presentation have a large audience? Was it a keynote or invited session?
  • Conference proceedings: Are the proceedings published? Does your paper have a DOI?
    • Can you obtain the number of views/downloads? Citations?
  • Is the presentation available online?
    • Can you obtain the number of views/downloads? Citations?
  • Did this presentation lead to other institutions implementing your processes or any outside collaborations?
  • Was the presentation mentioned in any social media channels, such as twitter or facebook?

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