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Reel To Real Classics (Film Group)

Reel to Real Classics is a group that promotes a dialogue on variety of social, cultural, and historical topics through the examination of classic film. Coordinated by Librarians Lilly Ramin & Steven Guerrero

Librarian + FYE Coordinator

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Lilly Ramin
Email for appointment:
1-3pm Wednesdays at The Multicultural Center, University Union room 335

Media Library Collaborator

Steven Guerrero
Co-coordinator of Reel to Real Classics
Media Arts Subject Librarian
Photograph of Steven Guerrero

Media Library (Chilton Hall)

Media arts departments and students: please feel free to contact Steven directly for help.  He's your librarian ; )

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Raw Deal (1948) screening on 11/3/22:

November 3 (Thursday) at 6pm, Room 184 - RTVP. Radio, TV, Film & Performing Arts Building  

  • Topic: Raw Deal (1948) + Tribute to Marsha Hunt (Oct17, 1917- Sept 7, 2022) and #Noirvember
  • RSVP form (to attend screening and help us plan) 

Reel to Real Classics Banner for Raw Deal 1948 and Marsha Hunt tribute 3 actors on stairs
Ad for Raw Deal 1948 screening by Reel to Real Classics

About Us:

  • Reel to Real Classics is a group that promotes dialogue on variety of social, cultural, and historical topics through the examination of classic film. It is coordinated by Lilly Ramin, Sociology Librarian (Public Services Division, Willis Library) and Steven Guerrero, Media Arts Librarian (Special Libraries Division, Media Library). We will often promote and use the in-house UNT Media Library and streaming film collection.

List of pages:

  • This about page has promo videos by students, and group goals and contacts.
  • Go to podcasts page for a quick list of embedded podcasts.
  • Go to posts page for writing by facilitators and student collaborators from Media Arts and DKA.
    • Student orgs and departments: Want to collaborate? Contact

Past Meetings with Screenings:


Meeting 10: Too Late for Tears (1949) on November 5, 2021
Virtual programming only. Interviews with author J.R. Jordan and virtual Watch and Chats


Meeting 9: Citizen Kane (co-sponsored by UNT DKA) | Meeting 8: Scarlet Street (co-sponsored by UNT DKA) |   Meeting 7: Sudden Fear & Joan Crawford | Meeting 6: His Girl Friday  |  Meeting 5: Lucille Ball & Lured |  Meeting 4: Chaplin's The Immigrant (1917)   |  Meeting 3: Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent | Meeting 2: Nosferatu | Meeting 1: Rita Hayworth and Gilda

Thank you to all the student organizations, and departments (in and out of the library) who collaborate with us to make this possible!

ntTV promo videos for Reel to Real Classics


These promos were facilitated by Maya Brown and Hannah Hershey! The promos were completed created by students on the NTTV promo team for Reel to Real Classics by request. We are honored that they offered to create these items and to showcase their creative efforts on our Reel to Real Classics page!

Videos from ntTV promo members:

Promotion created by ntTV promo group comprised of UNT students. The video has audio but no words. 

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