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Public Administration: Newspapers

Popular newspapers available through the library

Current newspaper databases

Newspaper archive databases

Search for a newspaper title in the library collection

To browse or search within a particular newspaper online, start by searching for the newspaper title in the UNT Libraries e-Journals search.

  • From the UNT Libraries homepage, click on the "e-Journals" tab in the central blue search box
  • Next, type the newspaper title into the search field, and click "Search"

the library website, with an arrow pointing to the "e-journals" tab and "New York Times" typed into the search box

  • Next, click on the full text option that includes the dates you want, next to the title that most closely matches the newspaper title you searched


  • Several databases allow you to search older archival content from the New York Times.
  • Current articles from the New York Times are available in Gale and NexisUni databases


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