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Latina/o Mexican American Studies (LMAS)

This guide is intended for those completing the LMAS programs and certificate.

Find Books at the UNT Libraries

This page is designed to introduce you to data resources. If you don't find what you are looking for or need help using them, contact a librarian like Brea Henson, Political Science Librarian. 

Most of the political science materials will be located on the Mezzanine Level of Sycamore Library with the general call number range of J - JZ.  However, some interdisciplinary topics may be located in Willis and older materials may be located off campus. It is recommended that you review the location of materials in the online catalog. If there is material you want that is currently checkout or is unavailable, we can order it through Interlibrary Loan.  You may contact a librarian for assistance with locating and requesting materials. 

Browsing the Online Catalog

You can perform a subject search in the UNT Library Catalog, A Subject search is often a good starting point. Your results will display the number of titles we have under that general heading, and then under a series of sub-headings, which often focus on specific regions or related items. You can also perform keyword searches. The catalog will look for your search terms anywhere in the library item record (i.e. title, author, subject, notes), allowing you to perform a more targeted search. 

When you have located the materials you are interested in, write down the call number and title and check the location of the book. Go to the library and floor of the book, in order to browse the shelves for the book. If you cannot find the book, present it to a staff person at the Service Desk for help.

Browsing the Stacks

The Political Science books are located on the Mezzanine Level of the Sycamore Library in the J-JZ call number range.

J      General Legislative & Executive Papers

JA   Political Science (General)

JC   Political Theory

JF    Political Institutions & Public Administration

JJ   Political Institutions & Public Administration (North America)

JK   Political Institutions & Public Administration (United States)

JL   Political Institutions & Public Administration (Canada, Latin America, etc)

JN   Political Institutions & Public Administration (Europe)

JQ   Political Institutions & Public Administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc)

JS   Local Government/ Municipal Government

JV   Colonies & Colonization/ Emigration & Immigration/ International Migration  

JZ   International Relations

Using the Catalog

The UNT library catalog contains items in many formats - print books, ebooks, journals, CDs, etc. - that are located in all of the libraries at UNT. Start your search for books at the library homepage using the Books & More tab. The default setting is a Keyword search, which looks for the word(s) you enter in all fields of an item's record: title, author, subject headings, notes and more. The catalog will return items that contain of all of the keywords you entered.

Search with keywords

The record for a print book looks like this. Note the name of the library where the book is shelved, the book's call number, whether the book is available.

Record for print books

The record for an ebook looks like this. Click on the ebook's title to find the screen where you connect to the ebook. See the Notes to determine if the ebook can only be used by one person at a time or multiple people. You may have to come back later if someone is already using the ebook. For more tips on using ebooks, visit the Ebooks Help guide.

Record for eBooks

Revise your search if you aren't getting the results you want:

  • Too many results? Add more keywords to the search.
  • Too few results? Remove keywords from the search.
  • Helpful keywords to add - geographical locations (e.g., United States), time periods (e.g., 19th century)
  • Results aren't relevant? Try a Subject search (see the next tab in this box)

A Keyword search may not give you many relevant books, but you can combine it with a Subject search to find books closer to your topic. Start with a Keyword search -  see the first tab in this box - and then browse your results until you find a book that is close to your topic. Click on the book's title to see the full catalog record for the item.

Book title

Now scroll down the screen and find the subject headings for this title. Subject headings are tags the Library of Congress assigns to sources that tell you what they are about. For this title, "climate change mitigation" is one of the subject headings.

Subject headings

You can click on the subject heading hyperlink and see all the titles in the catalog that are about the same subject. At our library, we have 52 titles about climate change mitigation.

Titles sharing subject headings

Keep trying searches with the subject headings from different books until you find the best subject terms for your topic.

Keywords to Try

  • Latina/o Studies
  • Latinx studies
  • Chicana/o
  • Hispanic culture
  • Hispanic literature
  • Spanish Language
  • Spanish

Subject Terms to Try

  • Hispanic Americans
  • South America
  • Latin Americans in Motion Pictures
  • Chicano Movement
  • Spanish America Discovery And Exploration

Interested in Immigration?

Visit the PSCI 3100: Immigration Politics Guide for current news on immigration and collection highlights.

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