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E-Books at UNT: Home

A brief guide on using e-books and their platforms.


This guide will help you learn how to use e-books at the UNT Libraries. The UNT Libraries has many e-book titles to choose from. Accessing e-books from the library can be different than accessing them from retailers. On this guide you will find useful terms and tips to help you understand library e-books, troubleshooting your access, and tutorials.

UNT has two main e-book platforms: EBSCOhost and ProQuest Ebook Central (although there are others).


Adobe Digital Editions

What is Adobe Digital Editions?

In order to download full titles to your laptop, computer or handheld device, you will need to create a free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) account by simply going to, and providing a username and password of your choice.

With ADE, you may download up to 10 titles at a time and have off-line access to your downloaded titles for up to 14 days. You may return a full title download early and within your ADE account you may also do the following:

  • Take notes
  • Show facing pages
  • Print
  • Transfer titles to handheld devices

Finding E-Books

E-books can be found through the UNT Catalog.

Click "Books & More." Then, click "E-Books."

You may search for e-books on the following page.


When you find an e-book in the catalog, you will see that the e-book's location is "UNT Online Resources" and the status is "Online." The notes section will say single user, multiple user, or unlimited user, as you can see in the example above. To access the book, click on "Find It."


Once you click "Find It," you will be redirected to the e-book within the book's platform page. This example shows an e-book that has been made available by the platform ProQuest EBL.

E-book Platforms

You can find help in this guide for using an e-book in the following platforms:


ProQuest Ebook Central


When you find an e-book in the catalog, you will see one of three access terms: Single User Access, Multiple User Access, and Unlimited User Access.

  • Single User Access = the book can be used by one person at a time
  • Multiple User Access = the book can be used by more than one person at a time, but there is a limit to the number of simultaneous users
  • Unlimited User Access = the book can be used by any number of persons at the same time

If you cannot access an e-book that is Single or Multiple User Access, it means that the book is already in use by the maximum number of users and is not available. Wait 12 hours and try again.

E-books can have many different types of licenses, so in some cases downloading an e-book to a personal device may not be allowed, although reading it online (in a browser) is usually an option.* In some cases, you may only have 5-minutes to browse the book before having to request access, and there may be a delay before a librarian can approve your request. 

Similar restrictions, and often even more limiting ones, are common for printing pages and after closing your browser.

*If you encounter an e-book that is not available for online reading or that is not performing as expected, please go to the Library Services Desk in Willis Library, send an e-mail to or visit to report the problem. The library relies on customers to report problems so that the staff can fix them.

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