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E-Books at UNT

A brief guide on using e-books and their platforms.

This guide will help you learn how to use e-books at the UNT Libraries. The UNT Libraries has many e-book titles to choose from. Accessing e-books from the library can be different than accessing them from retailers. On this guide you will find useful terms and tips to help you understand library e-books, troubleshooting your access, and tutorials.

UNT has two main e-book platforms: EBSCOhost and ProQuest Ebook Central (although there are others).


Finding E-Books

E-books can be found through the UNT Catalog.

  1. First click on the "Books & More" tab.
  2. Write your search terms into the field box and click search. Image of UNT Library Homepage with the Books & More tab selected and the search Edgar Allan Poe entered into the search field.
  3. Using the "Limit your search" option on the left, select "online" under "access" and "books" under the "resource type."                                                                                             Limit your search options with the "online" and "books" options selected.
  4. The search results will update to online books with the most relevant items listed first.Image of search results for 'Edgar Allan Poe" terms and limiters "Access>Online" and "Resource Type>Books" selected.
  5. Click on the title of the book to look at the record or "find it online" button to access it on its ebook platform. 


Understanding catalog buttons and icons

Online books will have a button that says "find it online" find it online buttonand an e-book icon ebook iconunder the title and author information. 

Understanding records

All item titles are hyperlinked to a record of the item. One these records, there are six ways to tell if the item is an ebook.

  1.  Resource Type will say "E-Book"
  2. Green bar with Find It button and "connect to online resource" hyper linked text.
  3. Location will say "UNT Online Resources"
  4. Call Number will say "Online recourse," 'E-Book" or a sting on letters and number that end in "eb"
  5. Availability will say "linked above"
  6. Notes will say "Single User Access," "Multi-User Access," or "Unlimited User Access"

Image of record for "Edgar Allen Poe: beyond gothicism."


Accessing an EBook

  1. Look for the "Find It Online" Button. 
  2. Once you click "Find It Online," you will be redirected to the e-book within the book's platform page. You can then read it online or check out the book by downloading it. This example shows an e-book that has been made available by the platform ProQuest Ebook Central.

ProQuest EBook Central record for Edgar Allan Poe: Beyond Gothicism.

E-book Platforms

You can find help for using an e-book in the following platforms:

Additional help can be found at the platform help pages.


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