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Company Research

This guide covers UNT Libraries' resources that offer company information.

What are SWOT analysis reports and how do I access them?

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis reports are proprietary reports developed by established data and insight solution providers, which can be accessed through subscription databases paid for by UNT Libraries.  To access these databases, go to the UNT Library's website at, click the "Databases" button and type in the name of the database in the search box, as shown below:

How do I find SWOT reports in LexisNexis Academic?

SWOT reports are a little trickier to get at in LexisNexis, but definitely worth the effort.  If you type out the following search query, "COMPANY(Insert Company Name) AND SWOT," as shown below (Lowe's is used as an example), you will retrieve several SWOT analysis results:

What databases offer SWOT analysis reports?

The following databases, paid for by UNT Libraries, offer in-depth SWOT analysis reports:

How do I find SWOT reports in the databases mentioned above?

Each database offers access to SWOT analysis reports in different ways.  For example, in Business Insights: Global, SWOT reports are found by clicking the hyperlinked text, "SWOT reports," on the main search page, as shown below:

In Business Source Complete, you can select "SWOT Analysis" from the drop down options under "Publication Type" and then type in your company into the search box as shown below:

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