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Company Research

This guide covers UNT Libraries' resources that offer company information.

What are company overviews and how do I access them?

Company overviews offer detailed profiles from information firms such as Mergent, EBSCOhost, GALE and LexisNexis.  These overview can be accessed through subscription databases paid for by UNT Libraries.  To access these databases, go to the UNT Library's website at, click the "Databases" button and type in the name of the database in the search box or browse by subject (i.e. Business) as shown below:

What databases offer company overviews?

The following databases, paid for by UNT Libraries, offer company overviews:

Can I use Google to find company information?

You can use the search engine Google to obtain company information.  Following are some tips for building a better Google search query:

  • Search for the Company Name or Ticker symbol via Google Finance to access company information
    • Lowe's or LOW limits results related to "Lowe's Companies, Inc."
  • Include and exclude keywords by putting a + or - sign in front of the word
    • "Lowe's -deals" will exclude any material about special promotions or deals on products
  • Search within a particular website
    • ​"history" will search for the term "history" within Lowe's website
  • Combine limiters with keywords to return specific results - below are a few examples:
    • "Site:.pdf" will limit results to PDF files
    • "" will limit results to non-profit organizational websites
    • "" will limit results to government websites

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