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Vocal Music Guide: Studies, Methods, and Books

Call Numbers for Books and Instructional Books

Classification Numbers for Books about Vocal Music

  • ML128 .S2 Sacred vocal music bibliographies (reference section)
  • ML128 .V7 Vocal music bibliographies (reference section)

Vocal music

    • ML1400 General works
    • ML1402–1451 Vocal music (arranged by period then region or country)
    • ML1460 Vocal technique

Secular vocal music

    • ML1600 General works
    • ML1602–1651 By period then region or country
    • ML1700–1751 Forms and types (general works; by period then region or country)
    • ML2400–2551 Cantatas and songs: works about both solo songs and part-songs (by period then region or country)
    • ML2600–2670 Part-songs (by period then region or country)
    • ML2800–2854 Solo songs (by period then region or country)
    • ML2880–2881 Christmas songs

Sacred vocal music

    • ML2900 General works
    • ML2902–2951 By period then region or country
    • ML2999–3197 Individual religions and denominations
    • ML3201–3275 Forms and types (oratorio, cantata, chorale)

Singing and Vocal Techniques

  • MT820 General works
  • MT821 Physiology and care of the voice
  • MT823 History of vocal instruction and study

Systems and methods

    • MT825 American
    • MT830 English
    • MT835 French
    • MT840 German
    • MT845 Italian
    • MT850 Other
    • MT853 Systems using audio-visual aids

Special techniques

    • MT855 General works
    • MT860 Chanting
    • MT870 Sight-singing
    • MT875 Chorus and part-singing
    • MT878 Breathing
    • MT882 Tone production
    • MT883 Pronunciation, diction, etc.
    • MT885 Studies and exercises
    • MT890 Instructive editions, teaching pieces, etc.
    • MT892 Interpretation, phrasing, expression
    • MT893 Self-instructors
    • MT898–916 Vocal techniques for children

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