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UNT Music Library Vocal Music Guide: Vocal Music

Call Numbers for Vocal Music

Secular Vocal Music


    • M1500 Full Scores
    • M1503 Scores with piano accompaniment
    • M1505-1508 Excerpts with original or arranged accompaniment

*Please note: Broadway musicals also have the call numbers M1500 and M1503. Excerpts from Broadway musicals have the call number M1508.

Other Dramatic Music

    • M1510-1518 Incidental Music
    • M1520-1526 Ballets
    • M1527 Motion picture, radio, and television music
    • M1528-1529.5 Duets, trios, etc., for solo voices

Songs (including arias and solo cantatas)

    • M1611-1612 Collections
    • M1613-1614 Separate works
    • M1615-1618 Arrangements

Other accompaniment or unaccompanied

    • M1619-1620 M1619: Collections of art songs by various composers; M1620: collections of art songs by individual composers
    • M1621 Individual art songs and sets of art songs
    • M1621.4 Song cycles
    • M1627-1853 National Songs (solo songs and part songs)
    • M1900-1978 Songs of groups and schools or about special subjects
    • M1990-1998 Secular Music for children

Sacred Vocal Music


    • M2000 Full scores
    • M2002-2003 Vocal Scores
    • M2004-2005 Excerpts
    • M2007-2012 Masses, Requiems, Services, and other cyclical choral works

M2018-2019.5 Duets, trios, etc., for solo voices

Songs with orchestral accompaniment

    • M2102 Collections
    • M2103-2104 Separate Songs
    • M2105-2108 Arrangements

Songs with piano accompaniment

    • M2110-2112 Collections
    • M2113 Separate songs
    • M2113.3 Song cycles
    • M2114 Special texts (by religion or denomination)
    • M2115-2146 Hymnal (by religion or denomination)
    • M2190-2196 Sacred vocal music for children

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