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Google Guide

The Google Guide is a tool to help you find information, manage information, and learn how to navigate Google tools. You will become a Google Ninja by mastering the search capabilities.


This guide offers an introduction to a few Google services and features that you might encounter or utilize in your academic, professional or personal life.

A little bit about Google

Google Search is the dominant internet search engine in the United States and can be used to supplement your research. Google also provides a suite of consumer, enterprise and other tech-related services. 

Knowing how the Google Search Works

Google uses a number of algorithms to determine the best match to your query and presents results in a variety of categories, i.e. images, news, videos, etc. 

Google AdWords

Google doesn't sell search results but it does sell AdWords. Google AdWords consist of bids by advertisers and ranking criteria. Based on these factors, Google assigns a position to an AdWord search result relevant to your query.

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