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INFO 5208: Learning Resources Organization and Media: Suggested Electronic Resources

Recommended Library & Information Science Databases


There are two ways to find LIS ebooks at the UNT Libraries - through the catalog and by directly searching ebook collections. In either approach, remember to use the book's index to see if your topic is covered.

Follow these steps to find ebooks through the UNT Library Catalog:

  1. Perform a keyword or subject search for your topic in the UNT Library Catalog.
  2. Choose the "E-Books" option from the Material dropdown menu, and then select Submit.
  3. Click on the title link of a book you want.
  4. Above the Location and Call Number information, select the "connect to online resource" link.
  5. Now you can skim or read the book.

Here are some ebook collections that you can go to directly and search for LIS topics:

EBSCOhost Tutorial

View this EBSCOhost YouTube tutorial to learn more about doing an Advanced Search in EBSCOhost databases.

Searching Databases

Boolean logic is used to search most databases.  By using connecting terms like AND, NOT, and OR searches can be broadened or narrowed. 

Below is a brief tutorial, (0:27) explaining how Boolean logic works.  

Boolean Logic

This last video is a lighter take on Boolean logic, (6:54).  Along with a good laugh, the video provides expert information on how to properly conduct a search using a database or search engine.

Search smarter, search faster

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