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INFO 5208: Learning Resources Organization and Media: Research Project

Research Strategies and Topics

The research process can seem overwhelming, but by following a basic search process you can find the information you need. 

Research Strategies

It is okay use with things like Google and Wikipedia to start with.  By using these tools you can get an idea of what your topic is about and possible synonyms to search with for your actual research.  Once you have some basic information on your topic, try searching for it in UNT's databases.  Keep the research process going by finding scholarly articles and journals.  Now you should have great academic resources to use for your paper.


Biography Topics


Graphical Timeline resources

Google provides a wonderful tool to help with finding resources for your timeline by putting your search result in a timeline format.  To get this format, conduct a search on Google, then click "More Search Tools," then click "Timeline."  Your results will be displayed in a timeline format; however, this includes all search results and does not particularly display only the topic of your interest, so review the search result for relevancy to your topic.     

Here is a list of resources for constructing your graphical timeline.

Search Tips and Tricks

Searching with words and terms. When searching for a two word term, putting the term in quotes will search the term as a whole. For example, "Authority Control" put in quotes will look for articles with the words Authority Control next to each other; searching Authority Control with no quotes will look for articles that have the words Authority and Control anywhere in the article or subject headings.

Bibliographies and References. The bibliography and reference section of books and articles that you find are great places to find more information and resources for your topic.

MARC Records

The links provided below will cover MARC Records from the introductory to practical applications in library catalogs.

Additional Links