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IEEE Xplore

IEEE Xplore is a digital library and online research database provided by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). It is a vast repository of scientific and technical content, including articles, conference proceedings, standards, and other publications in various fields of engineering, computer science, electronics, and related disciplines. 

Here are some search tips specific to using IEEE Xplore:

Use Specific Keywords:

  • Begin your search with specific keywords related to your research topic. Use technical terms and terminology relevant to your field.

Use Boolean Operators:

  • Utilize Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to combine or exclude keywords as needed. This can help you narrow down or expand your search results.

Refine Your Search with Advanced Search Options:

  • IEEE Xplore offers advanced search options that allow you to specify where to search (e.g., title, author, abstract) and include/exclude specific terms. You can also limit your search by document type and publication year.

Use Quotation Marks:

  • If you're looking for an exact phrase or specific keywords, enclose them in quotation marks to search for an exact match.

Explore Field Search

  • Some search fields under Advanced Search are specific to IEEE Xplore. Using these fields can help you retrieve more precise results.

Apply Filters:

  • IEEE Xplore provides filters to refine your results, including document type, publication year, and content partner. You can also sort results by relevance or publication date.
  1. Save and Export Citations

    • IEEE Xplore allows you to save search results and export citations to reference management tools like EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero.

Evaluate Credibility:

  • Always assess the credibility of the sources you find. IEEE Xplore primarily includes peer-reviewed research, but it's still important to verify the quality and relevance of the articles you access.

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