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HLSC 6500: Research Methods and Design

Find existing test or questionnaire instruments

You may be able to find existing survey questionnaires that you can use or adapt for your own research. For more information on how to find existing assessment instruments, visit the UNT Libraries Tests, Measures, and Assessments guide

Design a survey questionnaire

Top Tips for Designing a Questionnaire 

The quick video below provides useful points to consider before building your survey instrument. This and the other videos on this page are found in the Sage Research Methods database which includes books, videos, articles, etc. meant to help researchers understand research design and particular methods across many disciplines.


An Introduction to Survey Questionnaire Design

In this 16 minute video, Dr. Stacey Giroux, from the Center for Survey Research at Indiana University, outlines issues to consider when writing a survey or questionnaire. She also describes the cognitive aspects of survey methodology and survey taking.


Allyson Holbrook Discusses Questionnaire Design

Dr. Holbrook is an Associate Professor of Public Administration and Psychology at  the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Holbrook teaches and performs research in the area of survey research methods. In this long-form video, Dr. Holbrook covers why the order of questionnaire questions is so important, different types of survey questions, the types of constructs that can be measured with survey questions, problems associated with and when it's appropriate to use agree-disagree questions, and more.




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