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HLSC 6500: Research Methods and Design


Qualtrics is a platform for creating web-based surveys to collect and analyze data for academic research, user satisfaction, and website feedback. UNT students can access Qualtrics through the MyUNT portal or by navigating to

Qualtrics Support provides support via chat, email, phone, and an online community board. You must be signed in to receive support. When prompted to sign in, click "Sign in with SSO" and enter UNT as the Organization ID to sign in with your UNT credentials. You may also be able to get Qualtrics questions answered by the folks at the Office or Research Consulting in Matthews Hall. 

The Qualtrics Beginners and Advanced Qualtrics video tutorials below cover most of the functions you will need to know in order to gather data using Qualtrics.

The Analyzing and Reporting Data using Qualtrics video tutorial below covers what you can do with your Qualtrics data once you've collected it.

Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Mechanical Turk, aka MTurk, is a crowdsourcing tool, created by Amazon, that connects researchers ("requesters") with compensated research participants ("workers"). You might create a survey in Qualtrics and distribute the survey using MTurk. MTurk is not free and there is no UNT institutional subscription. You will be able to choose the amount of compensation that you provide to each "worker" who completes your survey + the total amount of responses required. The total amount of compensation + a fee to Amazon is due upon publication of your survey and is payable by credit card.

The video below covers how to create an MTurk account, import a Qualtrics survey, and distribute it using MTurk.



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