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GEOG 2110: Foundations of Geographic Research

This guide offers resources and tips for students beginning research in topics related to geography and the environment.

Finding Books in the Libraries

Finding Print and E-Books 

You can find print books on your geography topic by using the UNT Library Catalog.  Sample keywords for geography searches include geography, geology, archeology, GIS, geodatabases, demographic surveys, physical geography, medical geography, urban geography, and human geography. Many geography books are housed in the Sycamore Library at Sycamore Hall.


Search the UNT Libraries Catalog


The University of North Texas Libraries provide access to a number of electronic book collections. There are two ways to use them.  You can browse your subject as listed in the collection (usually it will be either geography or some variation on earth science), or, once in the collection, use the resource's search features to do a keyword search and find a book related to your topic. 

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