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Reference Managers

Multiple free and subscription software applications are available to help you organize your references and create bibliographies for large projects.

For details about reference managers, see Wikipedia's Comparison of Reference Managers.

What Is a Reference Manager?

A reference manager is software that can make you more efficient and productive when you are writing major projects, such as long research papers, theses, dissertations, and articles or books for publication. All managers require you to establish an account before you start working. Most reference managers can perform these functions:

  • Import references from databases and webpages
  • Organize and store references in folders
  • Capture and store full-text articles
  • Create bibliographies in the citation style and document format of your choice
  • Integrate with Microsoft Word through an add-in, so you can insert in-text citations and create a bibliography as you write

For more details, see Wikipedia's Comparison of Reference Management Software.

UNT Libraries sponsor the reference manager, RefWorks. We provide free accounts for all students, staff and faculty at UNT. Check out the RefWorks tab for more information, but also look at the other free subscription managers to find the best fit for your work style.

Reference Manager Workshops and Handouts

The UNT Libraries offer 1 to 2 workshops on reference managers during each long semester. Please visit the Toulouse Graduate School's event calendar to see the workshop dates and details. 

Below are the tutorials handed out at previous workshops.

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