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PSCI 4810: International Law

This guide contains resources for finding research materials for international law.

Welcome to the course guide to PSCI 4810: International Law. My name is Brea Henson, and I am your Political Science librarian. 

This guide is designed to help you complete assignments and research on international law.

The "Articles and Law Reviews" page provides access to databases in the UNT Libraries that have access to academic articles and law reviews, a list of the top law review journals, and links to help you access more journals on internal law and government.

The "International Government and Law" page provides a list of UNT Databases that have international law and government information as well as open-access repositories. This page also recommends a blog to help you stay in the know about international legal issues and educational resources to help you understand the international legal process.

The "US Federal Law" page provides a list of UNT Databases and US government websites to help you access US treaties and laws between other international entities. 

Finally, the "Citations" page provides links to the APSA styles guide and resources to help you use the BlueBook methods. Both citation methods will be used in this course. 

If you need research assistance in this class, please email me at

Case Summaries from Dr. King

Two worksheets and several reading assignments are available for you below. If you have questions about this assignment or the readings, please contact Dr. King.


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