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MDSE 2490: Introduction to Retail Merchandising

Course guide for MDSE 2490

Welcome to the UNT Libraries Resource Guide for MDSE 2490

Instructor: Marissa Zorola, Principal Lecturer & Merchandising Internship Coordinator


Overview of the MDSE 2490 Course Guide

This course guide provides information on resources available from the UNT Libraries. Use the tabs at the side of the page to find out about the following resources:

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • An overview of the guide
    • Help resources
  • Finding Articles
    • How to search for articles
    • Available databases
  • To the Trade-Industry Publications
    • Examine current industry issues through the primary trade publications in our industry
  • Finding Books
    • ​​Tips on finding books and media
    • ​Suggested book titles and videos covering topics in the course
  • Managing Your Research
    • Resources available that will help you organize your research
  •  Other Industry Resources
    • ​Industry websites, trade organizations & associations
  •  Government Resources
    • ​Helpful government resources 
  • Wholesale Markets-US
    • Highlighted wholesale markets in the industry
  • Additional Helpful Resources

Additional Links