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Government Information Connection: Politics and Elected Officials: Civic Engagement Resources

Information about politicians and their activities; elections, campaigns, and voting; and political activism.

Civic Engagement Resources

According to the HealthyPeople2020 report, "Civic participation encompasses a wide range of formal and informal activities." These include voting, volunteering, or participating in social groups and activities. 

Included on this page are resources to promote public participation in the solving of community issues, building social capital, and effecting change through the electoral, legislative, and administrative processes.

Getting involved at UNT

UNT Student Organizations and Activities

UNT Governance

Get involved in the Local Community

Participate in local government meetings

Participate in local elections


Engaging at the State Level

Texas Open Meetings Act

All state and regional organizations must adhere to the Texas Open Meeting Act. Following are resources regarding open meeting including guidance and information about posting open meeting notices. 

Engaging at the Federal Level

United States Government Agency Web Sites (a select few)

Databases for researching legislation, law, and regulations.


Additional Links