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Faculty Teaching & Learning Resources

To support online professional development in teaching and learning for faculty at UNT

Resources at UNT

Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research (CLEAR)

The Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research (CLEAR) supports the university’s goal of enhancing learning-centered environments, thereby helping students gain the most from their academic experience. CLEAR assists faculty in the creation, design, implementation, and assessment of courses, and also serves as the liaison for various administrative and technical support functions, thereby saving faculty's time, talent, and creative energies for their students.

CLEAR's Faculty Resource Hub 

A virtual resource space for UNT educators that includes a collection of resources on time-tested and new developments in teaching and learning scholarship and the Teaching Excellence Handbook.

Faculty Success

Faculty Success is responsible for and supports numerous programs to ensure that faculty at all levels are successful in their teaching, scholarly and leadership endeavors. Faculty Success assists faculty in cultivating a culture of ongoing growth and professional development by offering professional development workshops, networking luncheons, teaching and research seminars, and mentoring.


The University Libraries are the heart of teaching and academic research at UNT, offering access to more than 7 million catalogued print and digital holdings and expert personnel to assist patrons in achieving their scholarly goals. Check out the variety of services they offer, including subject librarians who serve specific departments; library instruction workshops that teach students how to locate, evaluate, and use information relevant to their research; subject and course guides to help students locate course materials and other relevant resources; etc.

Office of Disability Access

The Office of Disability Access (ODA) serves as the central campus resources for the University community in regards to students with disabilities and accommodations to remove barriers to access. ODA assists faculty in understanding relevant legislation and how to facilitate accommodations in order to make course content is accessible for qualified students with disabilities. 

UNT International

UNT International assists all students, faculty, staff and all departments and colleges in administering, participating, and developing programs with an international emphasis. UNT International is committed to fostering an international perspective that amplifies the University’s mission of excellence in teaching and the discovery and application of knowledge through research and creative activities.

Additional Resources from the Library

The following are memberships UNT has purchased. These resources are free for faculty and offer a wide variety of resources.

  • Academic Impressions. Membership includes professional and leadership development for faculty, staff, and administrators in higher education. Sign in using your UNT email to have access to free trainings and discounted resources. 

  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. Membership includes on-demand access to mentoring, tools, and support you may need to be successful in the academy. You will need to activate your account by visiting the website, selecting UNT, and completing the registration process (make sure to use your UNT email address).

This is a selected list of newsletters that may be of interest to faculty wanting to learn more about teaching and learning. 

  • Inside Higher Education. Online source of higher education news, opinions and jobs. Several subscription options.
  • Faculty Focus. Free digital newsletter, reports, and white papers focusing on different aspects of teaching and learning. Easy to subscribe.
  • The Teaching Professor. Excellent monthly newsletter with great ideas for engaging students in college classrooms.
  • American Council on Education. A membership organization that mobilizes the higher education community to shape effective public policy and foster innovative, high-quality practice.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education. Site-wide access to the Chronicle's weekly news and job information for college and university faculty, staff, administrators, and students. Includes access to premium content.

This is a list of discussion forums that may be of interest to faculty wanting to learn more about teaching and learning. 

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