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Resources for Faculty of Color

This guide includes resources for faculty of color at the University of North Texas. It was compiled by the UNT Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Faculty of Color.

Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Faculty of Color

The UNT Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Faculty of Color was formed in order to identify issues of interest to people of color at UNT, gather information on university policies or practices affecting BIPOC faculty, and to keep faculty informed of university, state, or federal laws & regulations regarding civil rights, equal employment, or diversity issues. The committee may submit recommendations for further action to the Faculty Senate

The resources collected in this guide may be of use to all UNT community members, but particularly to those who may not be aware of all the services available to meet the particular needs and challenges of people of color at the university.  

If you know of other resources or links that might be included on this guide, please contact the subject librarian indicated in the profile box at the bottom left corner of this page.  

UNT Administrative Offices

1. Office of the President

  •  Initiatives and Priorities: Diversity and Inclusion on Campus: Information on initiatives begun in the Fall of 2020 and updated the Spring of 2020, following national Black Lives Matter protests across the nation. 

2. Office of the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs--Faculty Resources

  • Provides comprehensive list of resources for UNT Faculty including policies, forms, research and teaching resources, tenure & promotion information, and resources for dealing with workplace issues;
  • See also “Faculty and Staff Resources” on the UNT homepage for commonly used services for faculty.

3. Office for Faculty Success

 Holly Hutchins, Vice Provost for Faculty Success
 Angie Cartwright, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Success

Offers resources for all UNT faculty to help support teaching, scholarship, and service. Includes a mentoring program, newsletter, resource links, and sponsored events.

4. Division of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

Joanne Woodard, Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access
"Our goal is to champion equity, access and engagement to create a welcoming campus community where diverse faculty, staff and students thrive."

Dr. Teresa McKinney, Asst. Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access and Director of Diversity & Inclusion
​Promotes campus education, mentoring, training, and community engagement on issues of diversity and inclusion; and offers resources for student success.

  • Multicultural Center, University Union 335
    Joshua Hamilton, Director

    “Fosters the success and awareness of historically underrepresented student populations with an emphasis on disability, ethnicity, gender, interfaith, race and sexual orientation.”
  • Pride Alliance, University Union 372
    Kathleen Hobson, Director, Pride Alliance,
    “A gender and sexuality resource center and a safe and welcome space for all."

  • Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX
    Eve Shatteen Bell, Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX/ADA Coordinator
    Oversees UNT compliance with civil rights laws, including Title IX and ADA, as well as employee training on discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other legal issues.

  • Equity and Diversity Conference
    Annual event hosted by the Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity held at UNT and aimed at students, educators, and professionals who are committed to equity and diversity in higher education.

5. Mediation at UNT

Mediation at UNT is a voluntary process that can help individuals find mutually agreed upon solutions to job-related interpersonal disputes between faculty, administrators, and/or staff. 

6. UNT CARE Team

Assists in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of students and members of the UNT community; and, provides procedures for dealing with disruptive or troubled students.

7.  UNT System Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Human Resources)

Provides guidance for faculty and staff regarding state and federal programs related to equity, diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination in the workplace, including: investigations of alleged discrimination or harassment; training on equal opportunity laws & policies; creation or revision of policies related to diversity & inclusion; Title IX assistance.

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