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Emergency Management: Videos

Emergency Management and Disaster Science resources in the UNT Libraries' collection and on the web

Search for DVDs in the Library Catalog

Using the Advanced Keyword Search:

  • Any Field: the search term of your choice
  • Video: select DVD

Example: Any field: disaster relief and Video: DVD

Suggested search terms:

disaster relief
disaster victims
emergency management


Bibliography of Selected Videos

The list below is a selected bibliography of DVDs and VODs (Videos on Demand) from the UNT Libraries. The document contains links that take you directly to the UNT Library Catalog where you can read more about a video's content.

DVDs and VODs at the UNT Libraries

The UNT Libraries provide two types of videos for the UNT community.

  1. DVDs - use the box on the left to search for DVDs in the UNT Library Catalog
  2. Videos on Demand (VOD) - these are streaming videos that you can watch online. Browse or search the entire Video on Demand Collection.

Faculty: Book a DVD

Once you have identified a DVD you want in the UNT Library Catalog, look for the box below the title and book the DVD in advance for your class to watch.

book dvd

Enter your EUID and password to make the booking.


Faculty: Link to VOD content

Faculty often want to connect their student to films from the Video On Demand collection.

  1. Located the desired VOD materials in the UNT Libraries' Video on Demand Collection.
  2. Copy the URL from the "Film Link" section and paste it into the desired tool (email, Blackboard, etc).

Selected DVDs at the UNT Libraries

Faculty: You can book DVDs for your course through the UNT Library Catalog. Follow the links below the images.

Students: You can check out these DVDs at the Chilton Media Library, according to its borrowing policy.

Additional Links