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EDLE 5620: Administration and Leadership for Student Educational Services: Suggested Readings

Useful library information for EDLE 5620, Administration and Leadership for Student Educational Services, Dr. Barbara Pazey

Required Readings for EDLE 5620

Week 1: The Condition of Education in Texas & the U.S. and Concerns Related to the Administration of Special Programs 

Institution for Education Sciences (2023, May). Report on the condition of education.

Week 2: Special Education Programs in the Schools

Bellwether (2022, September). Ignored, punished, underserved: Understanding and Addressing Disparities in Education Experiences and Outcomes for Black Children with Disabilities.

Connor, D. J. (2013). Who “owns” dis/ability? The cultural work of critical special educators as insider–outsiders. Theory & Research in Social Education, 4(4), 494-513.

Lewis, M. M., & Muñiz, R. (2023). Section 504 plans: Examining inequitable access and misuse

Stelitano et al. (2022). How has the pandemic affected students? 

Arundel, K. (2021, June). Why having too many or too few special education students matters. K-12 Dive. 

Salend et al. (2017). UDL: A blueprint for success. Educational Leadership, 74(7), 59-63.

High Leverage Practices for Students with Disabilities (2021). Glossary. 

Theoharis, G., & Causton, J. (2014). Leading inclusive reform for students with disabilities: A school- and systemwide approach, Theory into Practice, 53(2), 82-97.

Week 3: Bilingual, Emergent Bilingual, Migrant, Homeless

Palmieri, A. (2018, May 1). Seven essential components for successful dual language programs. Education Week. 

REL Southwest (2017, November). Time to proficiency for Hispanic English learner students in Texas. 

Garcia, A. (2021, February). Words matter: The case for shifting to “emergent bilingual”

Lander, (2019-2020). Seeing their strengths: Let’s ditch deficit-based thinking, and instead focus on the strengths of our immigrant students. Educational Leadership, 77(4), 24-28

Samuels, S. (2021, June). Dismantling Barriers for English Language Learners. Edutopia

Sikes, C. L., & Villaneuva, C. K. (2021). Creating a more bilingual Texas: A closer look at bilingual education in the lone star state

Texas Education Agency (2021). Texas education for homeless children and youth (TEHCY) program

Texas Education Agency (2023). Foster Care and Student Success.

Yaafouri, L. E. (2021, April 13). Tips for fostering healthy integration of newcomers to the U.S. Edutopia


Week 4: Gifted/Talented, STEM, Alternative Education Programs

Barshay, J. (2019, April 15). Gifted classes may not help talented students move ahead faster. The Hechinger Report. 

Barshay, J. (2021, April 19). PROOF POINTS: Gifted programs provide little to no academic boost, new study says. 

Coronado, J. M., & Lewis, K. D. (2017). The disproportional representation of English language learners in gifted and talented programs in Texas. Gifted Child Today, 40(4), 238-244.

Week 5: Applied Education, Academic Interventions, Student Activities

Cassell, S. (2021, June 7). The benefits of providing career pathways in high school: An assistant principal explains how a focus on industrial arts can generate enthusiasm among high school students

Cordova, S. (2021, February 17). An untapped path to equity runs through career-technical education. 

Hodge, E., Dougherty, S., & Burris, C. (2020, February). Tracking and the future of career
and technical education: How efforts to connect school and work can avoid the past mistakes of vocational education.

Lieberman, M. (2021, March 2). Top U.S. companies: These are the skills students need in a post-pandemic world. 

Zaber, M. A., & Hamilton, L. S. (2020). Teacher and principal perspectives on supports for students’ college and career pathways


Week 6: Health/Human Services, Student Support Programs

Education Trust (2019). School counselors matter. 

Lewis, T., Jones, K. D., Militello, M., & Meisenhelder, R. (2020). A clear and consistent focus on students: Principals’ perceptions of the role of school counselors. Journal of School Leadership, 1-24. 

Texas Education Agency (2018). The Texas model for comprehensive school counseling programs. 

Cruz, D., Hawkins, C., Reese, M., & Staton, E. Y. (2018, May). Restorative practice in special education dispute resolution. 

Education Trust (2020). Social, emotional, and academic development through an equity lens

National Child Traumatic Stress Network (2017). Creating, supporting, and sustaining trauma-informed schools: A system framework. 

Pickens, I. B., & Tschopp, N. (2017). Trauma informed classrooms

Robert Woods Foundation (2017). Teacher stress and health: Effects on teachers, students, and schools. 

Schott Foundation (2014). Restorative practices: Fostering healthy relationships & promoting positive schools: A guide for educators. 

Simpson, S. (2023, June). How Texas' plan to curb school violence was knocked down by a pandemic and little oversight.

Texas Education Agency (2018). The Texas model for comprehensive school counseling programs. 


Week 7: Early Childhood/Pre-Kindergarten, Dyslexia

National Council of Learning Disabilities (n.d.). The dyslexia toolkit

Redford, K. (2017). Dyslexia: Disability or difference? Educational Leadership, 74(7), 65-67.

Texas Education Agency (2018, November). The dyslexia handbook 

Texas Education Agency (2015, December). Texas prekindergarten guidelines

Week 8: Accessing Central Office, Teacher Leaders

Berry, B. (2019). Teacher leadership: Prospects and promises. Kappan, 100(7), 49-55.

Cranston, J., & Kusanovich, K. (2015, Fall). Learning to lead against the grain: Dramatizing the emotional tool of teacher leadership. Issues in Teacher Education, 24(2), 63-78.

Heller, R. (2018). What a difference a district can make. Kappan, 99(7), 42-46.

New Leaders (2015). Leading from every seat: Empowering principals to cultivate teacher leadership for school improvement. 

National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (2018). Unleashing teacher leadership: How formal teacher leader roles can improve instruction

Oplatka, i. & Crawford, M. (2022). Principal, let's talk about emotions: Some lessons COVID-19 taught us about emergency situations and leadership. International Journal of Leadership in Education. 1-12. 

Wronowski et al. (2023). "We've been forgotten": First-hand perspectives on teacher leaders and teacher leadership in urban schools. Education and Urban Society. 1-23. 


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