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ECON 4510: History of Economic Thought

Resources supporting the course, "ECON 4510: History of Economic Thought."

What is "socialism?"

"The idea that the economy's resources should be used in the interests of all its citizens, rather than allowing private owners of land and capital to use them as they see fit. A socialist economy requires voluntary cooperation and central planning. The idea was implemented by the USSR and allied countries between the 1930s and the 1990s when it was abandoned in favour of market economy, primarily because of lack of individual incentives, among other factors, having gradually led these countries to economic collapse."

-- Definition of "socialism" in A Dictionary of Economics: Oxford University Press (2009)

What books does UNT Libraries have on this subject?

When looking for books in the library catalog, try using a name of an expert in the field or a combination of search terms similar to the examples below:

  • Utopians
  • Karl Marx
  • (Marxian economics)
  • (Friedrich Engels)

If you need help coming up with terms or combinations to search, ask us!

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