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ECON 4510: History of Economic Thought

Resources supporting the course, "ECON 4510: History of Economic Thought."

What is "marginal analysis?"

"The study of variables in terms of the effects that would occur if they were changed by a small amount. For example, rather than analyse whether or not it is in the interest of an individual to spend money on food at all, attention can sensibly be focused on whether or not welfare could be enhanced by spending slightly more or less on food...

The margin is important in economics as it is the impact of small changes in variables rather than their level per se that determines whether rational economic agents change them.

-- Excerpt from the definition of "marginal analysis" in The Penguin Dictionary of Economics (2003)

What books does UNT Libraries have on this subject?

When looking for books in the library catalog, try using a name of an expert in the field or a combination of search terms similar to the examples below:

  • Jevons
  • Menger
  • Walras

If you need help coming up with terms or combinations to search, ask us!

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