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Using the Library Catalog: Discover

Need help using the new catalog interface? Use the tabs to explore search tips.

Advanced Search is one of Discover's newest features, allowing users to combine keywords to create complex searches.

Click the icon under the search box to access the Advanced Search page.


The Advanced Search allows you to use boolean operators, along with filters to narrow search results.


You are also able to add attributes to your search to specify further. The attributes contain dropdown menus that act in the same way as the filters.

The search tips below are also available in Discover to help you enhance your searches:

  • Select match "all" to require all fields. 
  • Select match "any" to find at least one field.
  • Use quotation marks to search as a phrase.
  • Use "+" before a term to make it required. (Otherwise results matching only some of your terms may be included).
  • Use "-" before a word or phrase to exclude.
  • Use "OR", "AND", and "NOT" to create complex searches. You can use parentheses in your complex expressions.
  • Truncation and wildcards are not supported.
  • Word-stemming is done automatically.

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