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Hazards and Disaster Research to Respond to Global Crises: Introduction

This guide is a gateway to research resources that support the Hazards and Disaster Research to Respond to Global Crises research cluster at the University of North Texas.

UNT's Hazards and Disaster Research to Respond to Global Crises Research Cluster

The Research Clusters at the University of North Texas bring together faculty from a wide range of disciplines to address complex issues through interdisciplinary collaborations and innovation. 

The Hazards and Disaster Research to Respond to Global Crises research cluster investigates on-the-ground planning and response in four broad areas: evacuation planning, risk modeling and service delivery, humanitarian logistics, and tourism and disaster. By evaluating evacuation costs, planning tools, demographic models, aid distribution logistics, and post-impact effects on humans, their industries and the economy, this research cluster builds leadership and expertise in risk analysis, economics and hazards geography. 

(Adapted from the UNT sites About the Research Clusters and Hazards and Disaster Research to Respond to Global Crises.)

About This Guide

Use this guide to find materials related to disaster planning, response and recovery.

The Books & Media tab provides a search interface and advice for finding books, audiovisual media, maps, and other items owned by the UNT Libraries. It also highlights selected resources.

The Find Articles tab furnishes a tool to search the subscription databases of periodical literature and other scholarly research resources. This tab also offers some strategies for finding appropriate information and points out some databases or other resources that address issues related to disaster research.

The On the Web tab lists freely available Internet resources.

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