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Hazards and Disaster Research to Respond to Global Crises: Books & Media

This guide is a gateway to research resources that support the Hazards and Disaster Research to Respond to Global Crises research cluster at the University of North Texas.

Search for Materials


Keyword Searches in the Catalog

The catalog of the UNT Libraries has a wide range of materials related to global disaster planning, response and recovery. Keyword searching is very broad and will return the most results, but some of the results will not be on target.

Click on the phrases, linked below, to conduct a keyword search of the catalog.

Subject Searches in the Catalog

Subject searches will find a smaller set of results that are all directly related to the topic. The terms in this section are especially useful for finding research on disaster planning, response and recovery. 

Click on the linked subject term phrases to search the catalog.

Noteworthy Books

Search Strategies


A keyword search returns the highest number of results. Some sample keyword searches are provided in the "Keyword Searches in the Catalog" box in the left column of this page

The terms you search can appear in the fields for title, author, subject, content notes and elsewhere within a record. Follow these suggestions to narrow the results:

• Enclose words in quotation marks to ensure that the records retrieved include the two words as a phrase: "disaster recovery"

• Add more topic terms or phrases: emergency management planning


The "Subject Searches in the Catalog" box in the left column of this page has links to searches on the most likely topics related to disaster research. Additional subject terms that may be helpful appear in the box below.

Additional Subject Terms

• civil defense readiness
• command and control at fires
• disaster medicine
• drought relief
• drought management
• earthquake relief
• emergency clothing supply
• emergency drills
• emergency food supply
• emergency housing
• emergency medical services
• emergency public utility services
• emergency sanitation
• emergency transportation
• emergency water supply
• environmental disasters
• food relief
• flood damage prevention
• forest fires — prevention and control
• humanitarian assistance
• hurricane protection
• incident command systems
• international relief
• Lahar mitigation
• medical social work
• natural disasters
• pesticides — risk mitigation
• public safety
• public shelters
• Red Cross and Red Crescent
• rescue work
• rest centers (disaster relief)
• tsunami relief
• war relief
• women in disaster relief

Additional Links