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Credo InfoLit Modules for Faculty

How to Integrate LTI Links

Learning Management System: Modules assets can be integrated with your learning management system gradebook using LTI version 1.1.

When using in Canvas, be sure to NOT choose Credo from the list of external tools when creating an assignment. Instead, click on External Tool as the submission type, then copy and paste the URL of the assignment you want to use from the website

For more information about LTI integration, please see the Canvas: Adding an LTI Link to a Course help section and the LTI Links below.

LTI Links

InfoLit Modules LTI Links

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 Getting Started With Research


 Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters

 Video: Life in the Information Age

 Video: The Research Process

 Tutorial: Choosing a Topic

 Video: How to Narrow Your Topic

 Tutorial: Background Research Tips

 Video: Thesis Statements

 Quiz: Thesis Statements

 Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation

 Quiz: The Research Process

 Sources of Information


 Tutorial: Information Has Value

 Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge

 Video: Primary & Secondary Research

 Video: Primary & Secondary Sources

 Quiz: Primary & Secondary Sources

 Video: Peer Review

 Quiz: Peer Review

 Video: Types of Sources

 Quiz: Types of Sources

 Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials

 Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials

 Searching for Information


 Video: Choosing a Database

 Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords

 Quiz: Choosing a Database

 Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords

 Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1

 Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2

 Video: Refining Search Results

 Quiz: Search Techniques

 Evaluating Information


 Video: What is Authority?

 Video: Evaluating Sources

 Tutorial: Evaluating Resources

 Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source

Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News

 Quiz: Fake News

 Video: Objectivity in Reporting

 Quiz: Evaluating Information

Video: Introduction to Bias

 Video: Types of Bias

 Quiz: Bias

 Presenting Research and Data


 Video: Synthesizing Information

 Tutorial: Synthesizing Information

 Quiz: Synthesizing Information

 Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper

 Quiz: Anatomy of a Research Paper

 Video: Writing Help

 Citations and Academic Integrity


 Video: Why Citations Matter

 Tutorial: Why Citations Matter

 Video: APA Citation Style

 Tutorial: APA Citations

 Quiz: APA Citations

 Video: MLA Citation Style

 Video: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

 Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

 Quiz: MLA Citations

 Video: Turabian Citation Style

 Quiz: Turabian Citations

 Video: Harvard Citation Style

 Video: Chicago Style Book Citations

 Video: Chicago Style Journal and Website Citations

 Video: Academic Integrity

 Video: Plagiarism

 Video: Copyright

 Quiz: Academic Integrity


Faculty Module

How to Use the Modules

 Teaching With Modules Guides

 Video: Why IL Matters to Faculty

 Tutorial: Designing Effective Research Assignments

 Promoting the Modules

 Standards Mapping


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