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Native American Studies

Resources for the study of American Indians

About the Page

The boxes to the right allow you to search the UNT Libraries Catalog, which contains records for over 5 million items that are owned or subscribed to by the UNT Libraries. These materials include: books, CDs and other audio materials, DVDs and other video materials, journals, some e-books/e-journals/databases, maps, music scores, dissertations, government documents and other physical items owned by the Libraries. The box below searches media, including DVDs and streaming video.

Below offers ideas for developing a search strategy.

Search Strategies

Search Strategies - Keyword

A keyword search will find the greatest number of results. This search finds the keyword(s) in the title, author, subject, notes and other fields of a resource's record.

Enclose phrases in quotation marks to ensure that the records retrieved contain the exact phrase.
            Examples: "Native American", "American Indian"
Add more topic terms or phrases to focus your results.
            Examples: indians folklore, indians history
• If your topic is a specific person, tribe or place, search for the name.

Note that the term American Indian does not encompass Native Americans indigenous to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Central America, South America or the West Indies. Other search terms that may be useful include aboriginal peoples, amerind or amerindian, and First Nations.

Search Strategies - Subject

Consider conducting a subject headings search. In the catalog, toggle the search type to 'subject'. Enter the following terms and phrases that commonly appear in the "official" (Library of Congress Subject Heading) subjects of resources related to Native American studies:

Indians : aboriginal peoples of the Western Hemisphere, including Eskimos. This subject subdivides into five geographic regions; for groups entirely within a region use the narrower terms:
Indians of North America,
Indians of Mexico,
Indians of Central America,
Indians of the West Indies
Indians of South America

Other subject terms that may be useful include:
Indigenous peoples
Indigenous women

Alaska Natives
United States -- Civilization -- Indian Influences
United States -- Ethnic Relations

Search Strategies - Synthesis

After running a basic keyword or subject search, review the results and view a record that matches your topic exactly, or at least very closely. Scroll down the record and look at the Subjects section. Each subject heading is hyperlinked to the set of materials that match that heading. You can click the 'See Also' link to see an alphabetical list of related subjects as well.

Remember ...

UNT students, faculty and staff can simplify note-taking and save a lot of time creating citations by using RefWorks.

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