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Piano Resource Guide: Studies, Methods, and Books

Call Numbers for Books and Instructional Books and Selected Bibliography

Studies and methods
MT220 General works
MT221 Physiology of the hand (including hand exercises)
MT222 Systems and methods
MT224 Rudiments of music when combined with piano instruction and study


MT225–M239: Studies and exercises
MT225 General works
MT226 Left hand
MT227 Pedal
MT228 Touch
MT229 Wrist
MT230 Thirds, sixths, etc.
MT231 Scales and arpeggios
MT232 Fingering
MT233 Rhythm
MT235 Phrasing
MT236 Sight reading, transposition, accompaniment, etc.
MT238 Polyphonic playing
MT239 Performance of popular music
MT240 Other


MT242 Four-hand, two-piano, etc. playing
MT243 Teaching pieces
MT244 Educational adaptions for piano
MT245 Instructive editions, two or more composers
MT247 Instructive editions, one composer
MT248 Self-instructors
MT250–M258 Special pianos, including early instruments
MT745-M758 Instruction and study for children


Books about the Piano
ML128 .P3 Piano bibliographies (reference shelves)
ML650 General works
ML651–697 Construction
ML700–747 Music and playing
Selected Bibliography
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Ripin, Edward M. et al in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (Reference ML100.N48 2001) - v. 19 on reference shelf or also in Grove Music Online 
Wolcott, Michiko Ishiyama. Piano, The Instrument: An Annotated Bibliography. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow, 2001. (Ref. ML128.P3 W65 2001)



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