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Piano Resource Guide: Piano Music

Call Numbers for Piano Music

M20–M39: Piano alone
M20-M22 Collections
M23 Sonatas
M24 Suites
M25 Character pieces
M26 Piano, one hand: left
M26.2 Piano, one hand: right
M27 Theme and Variations
M28 Marches
M30-M32 Dances
M32.8 Arrangements: collections
M33 Arrangements: complete works for opera, oratorios, and cantatas
M33.5 Arrangements: excerpts from opera, oratorio, and cantatas
M34 Arrangements: transcriptions of operas, oratorios, cantatas, and excerpts
M35 Arrangements: orchestral and band music
M37 Arrangements: concertos
M38 Arrangements: chamber music, part songs, music for other solo instruments
M39 Arrangements: potpourris, medleys

M200–M211: Duets
M200-M204 Four hands
M205 Three hands
M207 Arrangements: collections
M208 Arrangements: operas, ballets, oratorios, cantatas
M209 Arrangements: orchestral and band music
M210 Arrangements: concertos
M211 Arrangements: chamber music, songs, and part songs
M213 Piano, five or more hands
M214-215 Two pianos, two performers
M216 Two or more pianos, three or more performers
M1010 Piano with orchestra, full scores
M1011 Piano with orchestra, arranged for two pianos
M1110 Piano with string orchestra, full scores
M1111 Piano with string orchestra, arranged for two pianos

*IMSLP, the International Music Score Library Project has many titles available in the public domain to download for use.

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