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Government Information Connection: Politics and Elected Officials: U.S. Political Parties and Activist Groups

Information about politicians and their activities; elections, campaigns, and voting; and political activism.

U.S. Political Parties, Lobbyists, and Activist Groups

Resources for researching political parties, interest groups, lobbyists, activists, and other attempts to influence the political system.

Lobbyists and Interest Groups

At the federal level and in all states and some U.S. territories, lobbyists are required to register and are often also required to report lobbying activities. Below are resources to find registered lobbyists and information about their activities. 

Institutions Promoting Political Activism

The U.S. has many groups, partisan and nonpartisan, that promote voting, civic engagement, and political activism. Below are a few examples. For a larger list visit the following link: 


To find relevant materials in the UNT Libraries collections, search the catalog using these keywords: 

  • Lobbying or Lobbyists
  • Political action committees or PACs
  • Political participation
  • Political party or parties
  • Special interest group


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