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Financial ratios, financial research databases at the UNT Libraries, Form 10-K lookup, current financial directories, tracking down old stock certificates. Note that the CoB has separate financial research databases.

Guides, Handbooks, Manuals - Print Format

Location: Sycamore Library REFERENCE.

  • A. M. Best publications
    Best's Aggregates & Averages: Property-Casualty, HG8945.B481.
    Best's Insurance Reports: Life-Health, HG8943.B3.
    Best's Insurance Reports: Property-Casualty, HG9655.B51.
  • Bond Guide (Standard and Poor's Corporation) Call number: HG4921.S618. Statistical guide on over 5,900 corporate bonds and convertibles, with the S & P bond rating for each.
  • Cost of Capital Yearbook Call number: HC110.C3C67. Compiles data from Standard & Poor's Compustat Data. Provides five separate measures of cost of equity, weighted average cost of capital; detailed statistics for sales, profitability, and capitalization; beta, multiples, ratios, equity returns and capital structure.
  • CRB Commodity Yearbook Call number: HG6046.K651. Provides critical information on more than 100 domestic and international commodities and includes seasonal patterns and historical data from the past ten years as well as current (as of the last three months) pricing and trading patterns on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Ibbotson SBBI ... classic yearbook : market results for stocks, bonds, bills, and inflation Call number: HG4905.S91. Provides a comprehensive, historical view of the performance of capital markets dating back to 1926. It contains total returns and index values for large and small company stocks, long-term corporate bonds, long- and intermediate-term government bonds, and Treasury bills and inflation.
  • Mergent bond record Call number: HG4905.M781. This annual publication provides the year's corporate and municipal bond rating activity, including preferred stock ratings, with a guide to bond ratings, new issues, ratings upgrades, downgrades and withdrawals during the year, issues matured, maturing or redeemed in the year, new preferred stock, and upgraded and downgraded municipal bond ratings for the year.
  • Mergent corporate news reports monthly Call number: HG4961.M65. Monthly cumulations of Moody's Bank & finance news reports ; Moody's Industrial news reports ; Moody's OTC news reports ; Moody's OTC unlisted news reports ; Moody's public utility news reports ; Moody's transportation news reports--weekly publications.
  • Mergent Dividend Record Call number: HG4028.D5M61. Covers dividend statistics such as stock splits, stockholders rights, tax status of dividends. Updated annually.
  • Mergent Industry Review Call number: HG4961.M68. Furnishes key financial information, operating data, and key business ratios for approximately 3,500 companies arranged in 137 industry groups. Also included are per share data and industry ranking by 8 standard criteria. The operating statistics are updated twice each year.
  • Mergent Manuals furnish historical and financial information for companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges. Also furnishes the balance sheet, financial and operating statistics, and sometimes "Management Discussion and Analysis."
    Bank and Finance HG4961.M6922.
    Corporate News Reports (Monthly) HG4961.M65.
    Industrial HG4961.M72.
    International HG4009.M6615.
    Municipal and Government HG4931.M582.
    OTC Industrial HG4905.M862.
    OTC Unlisted HG4551.M771.
    Public Utility & Transportation HG4961.M733.
  • Mergent municipal news reports monthly Call number: HG4931.M5821. Furnishes monthly compilations of the weekly News Reports to the Mergent Municipal and Government Manual.
  • Mergent's handbook of common stocks Call number: HG4905.M816. Provides one-page descriptions of more than 900 companies. Each listing includes a 10 year summary of financials and outlines the company's recent developments and prospects.
  • Notable Corporate Chronologies Call number: HG4009.N68. Furnishes chronologies (timelines) for over 1,800 of the most significant corporations currently operating in the U.S. and abroad. Includes key dates, major product introductions, tenures of key officers, mergers and acquisitions, and major stock offerings.
  • Security owner's stock guide (Standard & Poor's) Call number: HG4915.S67. Provides common and convertible preferred stock price range, dividend, capitalization and earnings. Mutual fund summaries are also available.

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